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See also: The compendium of clearnet Email providers.

  • Lelantos Free account.
  • Mail2Tor - New Tor Mail Server to clear web. (Not working properly, delayed emails)
  • AnonMail - Anonymous premium email service like lavabit. (Not free).
  • Onion Mail - SMTP/IMAP/POP3. *** address. Registration is paid from 17\02.[10$].[DOWN ]
  • URSSMail - Anonymous free email service, current substitute for TorMail. (Hosted on 3 servers around globe.) [DOWN 2014-06-20 ]
  • TorBox - TOR only secure and private email service.
  • Torbook Torbook - The Tor Social Network, get in Contact with others. [DOWN 2014-02-04 ]
  • MailTor - Free account (webmail, smtp, pop3 and imap access). [DOWN ]